Brave Girls is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2011 under Brave Entertainment. The group originally consisted of four members: Eunyoung, Seo-a, Yujin, and Hyeran. However, the group has gone through several lineup changes over the years.

Despite being active for over a decade, the group didn’t achieve mainstream success until 2021 with their song “Rollin’,” which became a viral hit after a fan-recorded video of the group performing the song on a military base in 2017 went viral. The song topped various music charts in Korea and the group won several music show awards, making them one of the most talked-about K-pop acts of the year.

Brave Girls’ music is known for its upbeat, catchy, and girl crush concepts, with the group’s choreography often incorporating powerful moves and sharp formations. They have released several singles, mini-albums, and full-length albums over the years, including “High Heels,” “Rollin’,” “We Ride,” and “Chi Mat Ba Ram.”

The group has also been featured in various television shows, including reality shows and variety shows, showcasing their personalities and talents beyond their music. Their recent success has brought them a lot of attention and opportunities, and they are considered one of the rising stars in the K-pop industry.

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