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Hip hop rap, also known as freestyle rap, is a form of hip hop music that involves improvisation and creative wordplay. It is typically performed over a beat, and the rapper will often incorporate different rhythmic and lyrical techniques to create a unique and engaging performance. Here are some of the key moves and techniques used in hip hop rap:

Flow: Flow is the rhythmic and melodic aspect of rap. It involves the way the words are delivered over the beat and includes elements like cadence, timing, and phrasing.

Rhyming: Rhyming is a key component of hip hop rap. It involves creating rhyming patterns with the words, often using complex wordplay and metaphors to create a layered and interesting performance.

Punchlines: Punchlines are clever and often humorous one-liners that are used to punctuate a verse or a song. They are a key element of hip hop rap and are often used to engage the audience and showcase the rapper’s wit and creativity.

Storytelling: Hip hop rap often involves telling a story through the lyrics. This can be a personal story or a fictional narrative, but it should be engaging and memorable.

Freestyling: Freestyling is the art of improvising rap lyrics on the spot. It involves using quick thinking and creative wordplay to come up with lyrics in real-time, often in response to a given topic or challenge.

Delivery: Delivery is the way the rapper performs the lyrics. This includes elements like voice inflection, tone, and emphasis. A good delivery can add energy and emotion to the performance and help to engage the audience.

Overall, hip hop rap is a highly creative and expressive art form that requires a lot of skill and practice to master. It is a key element of hip hop culture and continues to evolve and grow in popularity around the world.

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